Introducing the New Vice President for University Facilities, Shawn Connolly

Montclair, NJ – Shawn Michael Connolly has been appointed as the new Vice President for University Facilities at Montclair State University, effective January 1, 2016.  Having served as the Associate Vice President for University Facilities for three years, Shawn is now responsible for oversight of the University’s physical plant, energy and utility infrastructure, and transportation systems; including the planning, development and management of new construction and renovation projects, campus planning, and the maintenance of the University’s buildings, land and infrastructure.

After a long career serving as a Nuclear Operator in the United States Navy, Shawn joined the administration at Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory in May of 2000, overseeing projects that would safeguard energy assets and greatly reduce the facilities’ environmental footprint.

Shawn established his career with a focus on leadership strategies that deliver successful innovations for the future. He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and continues to develop strategies that improve the operation and management of energy efficiency.

Shawn’s response when asked about his new appointment, " I am excited about the opportunity to carry on the work of my predecessor and lead the University Facilities organization into the future.  I am also humbled by the trust that the President has placed in me, choosing me to fill this vital position and navigate through the waters of change is truly an honor I place in high regard."

“The staff at University Facilities are like a family and they care deeply about MSU,” Shawn said. “That dedication is even more evident when we are faced with emergencies or even calls for assistance in the middle of the night. I have the highest admiration and respect for the men and women in this department, and I am proud of the work that they do and honored to be asked to lead them.”

Shawn possesses a tremendous work ethic and shows an aptitude for problem-solving, creative thinking, and the communication skills necessary to bring about change in this growing environment.  Many of you have already seen him touring the campus on his bicycle.  He uses these tours to inspect conditions on the campus and get to know the community of staff and students.

When he’s not looking after MSU, chances are you will find Shawn at the Jersey Shore, on the water fishing/jet Skiing or at his martial arts school in Jersey City where he teaches children and adult classes.

Please take some time to congratulate Shawn on his achievement.  You may find Shawn in the Maintenance building or at 855 Valley Road, where he will gladly tell you a story or two about his time living on a submarine.

Congratulations to Shawn Connolly!