Montclair State U. leads the way as Internet Service Provider

Montclair State University is ushering in the new millennium as the state's first university to take control of cyberspace.

"Montclair State is the only higher education institution in the state of New Jersey to become its own internet service provider," said Dr. Susan A. Cole, MSU president. "It is also the only institution that offers almost universal free internet access for its faculty, staff and students over a wide geographic area. Our advanced and flexible technology will improve service to all members of the MSU community at a lower cost to the University."

Harry Schuckel, vice president for Budget, Planning and Information Technology at MSU, explained the change.

"Most higher education institutions have a internet system which allows you to dial in to the university. However, if you live out of the immediate calling area -- say in Eastern Pennsylvania -- it's a long-distance call and toll charges apply. What we have done is to establish various access points around New Jersey that allow people to dial in to the University as if it were a local call -- and no long-distance charges apply.

"No other university in the state, as far as we know, has remote access dialing, certainly not on the scale that we are offering it." Full Release