Big Data Symposium Highlights Data Privacy Debate

As the FBI and Apple’s ongoing battle over personal data privacy rights dominates the media and draws citizen protests nationwide, Montclair State University is gearing up to host New Jersey’s preeminent symposium on data privacy and innovation.

Commissioned by Gov. Chris Christie in 2012, the New Jersey Big Data Alliance features nine of the state’s colleges and universities and industry leaders including New Jersey’s Chief Data Officer Liz Rowe. The organization’s annual event, scheduled for March 9 at Montclair State, will dissect the current state of information security in a world filled with mounting threats to personal data privacy.

As technology continues to evolve, the group will also look towards the future of a fully connected world, helping to shape the conversation for the next generation of information technology professionals.

“This symposium is perfectly timed in the wake of the current Apple/FBI debate of data privacy and security in a world drowning with our self-created data,” said Rashmi Jain, Chair of the Department of Information Management and Business Analytics and a co-chair of the Symposium. “The Apple case highlights the importance of data in day-to-day life, and brings awareness to the fact that we are constantly at risk of having our information breached.Working closely with our industry partners and advisory board members, at our annual symposium and throughout the year, we examine cases like this to prepare our students in the managing of structured and unstructured data, using the most current methodologies, tools and techniques. This helps to ensure our students have what they need to be responsible business leaders in the Big Data economy.”

To learn more about the annual New Jersey Big Data Alliance Symposium, visit 2016 NJBDA Symposium.

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