Now On NEST!

View Course Catalog and more on NEST. Also, check for your registration time!

Starting today you can view the following information through NEST:

  • Fall 2016 catalog of courses
  • Fall 2016 schedule of classes
  • Registration holds
    • Note: Hold information is still being imported into NEST. The holds you see in NEST may not be 100% accurate. Please double-check all your registration holds through WESS.

Fall '16 Registration Step-by-Step

Registration for the fall 2016 semester, for all current students, will begin on Wednesday, April 13. As always, registration occurs in stages depending on how many credits you have completed. Your registration time will be available prior to Wednesday, April 13 on the Office of the Registrar's website and through NEST.

Prior to registering for classes for fall 2016, there are a few things you need to do:

Step One: Schedule An Appointment With Your Academic Advisor!

  1. Not sure who your Academic Advisor is?
    • Go to WESS.
      • "Enter Student Services."
      • Log in using your CWID and PIN.
      • Under "Student Records," click "Advisor."
  2. Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor.
    • Students Who Are Required To Meet With Their Advisor: If you are a first-year undergraduate student, undeclared, are on academic action (probation, readmitted from suspension or dismissal), in EOF or athletes confirmed (formerly known as special admit athletes) you are required to meet with your Academic Advisor in order to register for classes. Undergraduate students majoring in Anthropology or Earth and Environmental Sciences also are required to have an advising appointment before registering.
  3. Find out if you have any registration holds.
    • Go to NEST.
      • Log in using your University NetID and Password.
      • While in NEST, navigate to the "Register For Classes - Fall 2016" portlet and select the "holds" hyperlink.
      • Note: Hold information is still being imported into NEST. The holds you see may not be 100% accurate. Please double-check all your registration holds through WESS.
    • If you have any holds, take care of them with the department that placed them on your account. Contact the department directly if you're not sure why you have them.
  4. Find your registration time.

Step Two: Prepare Before Your Academic Advising Appointment!

  1. Go to WESS and run your "Analysis of Academic Progress" (a.k.a. your "audit").
    • Identify the requirements you have fulfilled and those that are still outstanding
  2. Target areas of the Gen Ed, your major and/or minor requirements or any electives you'd like to fulfill in the coming semester.
    • Develop a list of courses and a few scenarios that involve well-balanced combinations of these classes.
  3. Do you have questions or concerns? Great, academic advisors are here to help!
    • Jot them down along with a few discussion topics for your advising appointment.
  4. Now to find courses.
    • In NEST, select "University Schedule of Classes, Fall 2016" under the "Register For Classes - Fall 2016" portlet.
      • Pick the term in which you want to enroll, "Fall 2016."
      • You can now search courses according to subject, Gen Ed category, days and times.
      • Click "View Catalog Entry" to read course descriptions and view pre-requisite information for all the courses in which you are interested.
    • Jot down the Course Record Numbers (CRN) of the courses you are interested in taking.
  5. Meet with your academic advisor and talk about your ideas, questions and/or concern.
    • If academic advising is mandatory for you, your academic advisor will provide you with your own unique registration PIN that will enable you to register for courses in Banner, via NEST. This registration PIN is needed to unlock the system to you, and only you, to sign up for your classes.

Step Three: Register For Classes!

  1. Once you have a few well-thought out plans for fall 2016 you are ready to register starting at your priority registration time. Registration begins on Wednesday, April 13 depending on how many credits you have completed.
  2. You can view step-by-step registration tutorials on the Office of the Registrar's website.

Still in WESS... Soon To Be On NEST

For now you still need to access WESS for the following:

  • Finding your Academic Advisor.
  • Reviewing your Analysis of Academic Progress (Audit).

Registration Times

Note that registration times represent your first time to register, not the only time. You are not excused from class to register for classes. Registration times are based upon credits earned as of January 31, 2016. Your registration class level does NOT include currently enrolled credits.

Go To: Registration Times

Got Questions?

  • If you have any questions about NEST: contact
  • If you have any questions about advising: contact the Center for Advising & Student Transitions (CAST) at 973-655-7114.

For more information about NEST and about the other upcoming OneMontclair software, please visit the OneMontclair website.