Fall '16 Registration: Do I Need A PIN?

Montclair State Undergrads: Be prepared for registration!

Some Montclair State undergraduate students are required to meet with their advisor before they can register for the fall '16 semester.

If academic advising is mandatory for you, your academic advisor will provide you with your own unique registration PIN that will enable you to register for courses in Banner, via NEST. This registration PIN is needed to unlock the system to you, and only you, to sign up for your classes.

Who Needs A PIN?

The following undergraduate students must meet with their advisor to receive a registration PIN:

  • First-year students
  • Undeclared majors
  • Students on academic action (probation, readmitted from suspension or dismissal)
  • EOF
  • Athletes confirmed (formerly known as special admit athletes)

Also, undergraduate students majoring in Anthropology or Earth and Environmental Sciences also are required to have an advising appointment before registering.

Everyone Should See Their Advisor!

Academic advising is an important function of higher education. The role of advising is to guide you, the student, on how to transition to your learning environment and become the primary architect and executor of your own education plans.  So, make an appointment today, and see your advisor!

And, Don't Forget...