Gregg Festa: 2007 Technologist of the Year

Photo by Mike Peters

Gregg Festa teaches a class in the ADP Center for Teacher Preparation and Learning Technologies.

Gregg Festa, Director of the ADP Center for Teacher Preparation and Learning Technologies was recently awarded the New Jersey Association for Educational Technology’s (NJAET) 2007 Technologist of the Year Award. This award is presented annually by the NJAET to a person who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of educational technology.

Festa, who founded the ADP Center, has been instrumental in integrating new and emerging technologies such as wikis, digital storytelling, and Web 2.0 tools into educational environments and has been highly active in aligned educational technology projects. Some of these projects include the Silk City Media Workshop, an after-school digital media program for inner city middle school students and free online mini-workshops for teachers covering a range of topics from integrating literature in mathematics to mentoring new teachers. The NJAET commended his efforts to help the students of New Jersey learn with the assistance of educational technology.