New Jersey Legislative Races: Election Forum 2007

Photo by Mike Peters

Joseph Cryan, Democratic State Committee Chairman (right) speaks as Tom Wilson, Republican State Committee Chairman looks on.

An election forum featuring a panel of New Jersey state legislators was held on October 17 at the University.  The forum, jointly sponsored by Montclair State University, the League of Women Voters of the Montclair Area and the American Democracy Project, explored what changes are on the horizon for the state and how these changes will shape policy in the 213th Legislature after the November elections. 

The panel participants were Jon M. Bramnick, Assemblyman District 21; Joseph Cryan, Democratic State Committee Chairman; Leonard Lance, Senate Minority Leader; Paul A. Sarlo, Assistant Majority Leader and Tom Wilson, Republican State Committee Chairman.  The large, primarily student audience listened attentively as the legislators discussed what they thought to be the major issues facing New Jersey.  The issues raised included taxes, educational costs and funding, health care, fiscal responsibility and voter apathy.

Although the legislators expressed differing party viewpoints on certain topics, they all agreed that it was crucial for everyone to vote and become a part of the governmental process.  It was noted that overall voter turnout for the upcoming elections would probably be low since it is not a presidential election year, so it is particularly important for people to vote.  The forum concluded with the legislators answering questions from the audience.