Facilities Employees Commended for Perfect Attendance

Photo: Mike Peters

Top row: Saturino Camacho, senior building maintenance worker; Jermaine Jeffries, grounds worker; Preya Sanasie, housekeeping supervisor. Middle row: Alvaro Munoz, maintenance worker; John Dennis, locksmith. Bottom row: Gregory Bressler, vice president, Division of University Facilities; Michael Esposito, maintenance worker; Rafael Turino, senior repairer; Liliam Turino, senior building maintenance worker; Walter Watkins, assistant vice president, Facilities Maintenance and Engineering; Timothy Carey, assistant vice president, Facilities Services. Award recipients who are not pictured in this photo are Barbara Roman, Nicola Sabatino, and Rosa Sabatino.

The Division of University Facilities recognized employees with perfect attendance records at an awards ceremony on Friday, November 9, 2007. The MSU employees who were commended for their diligent service in the 2006 calendar year are: Saturino Camacho, John Dennis, Michael Esposito, Jermaine Jeffries, Alvaro Munoz, Barbara Roman, Nicola Sabatino, Rosa Sabatino, Preya Sanasie, Liliam Turino, Rafael Turino. Congratulations to all!