Photo: Mike Peters

“The hat is my Montclair State College Class of 1974 freshmen orientation ‘dink.’ We had to wear them for our new student orientation so upperclassmen, usually student leaders, would know who the new students were. They would stop us and ask questions or make requests, usually about the College (so we would learn about the community). We were approached with ‘Sing the Alma Mater!’ or ‘Where is Mallory Hall?’ or ‘Who is the Dean of Students?’ They would also recruit us for campus organizations. The hat also helped us bond with other students from our year, as we were all in the same boat.”

—Kathleen Ragan, Associate Vice President, Student Development and Campus Life

Montclair State University gets into your blood. As a freshman, Kathleen Ragan was infused with unyielding enthusiasm for this venerable institution while wearing a funny red hat. Now, a few years removed from her undergraduate education, she infuses every student she meets with her incurable enthusiasm, reviving the spirit of her freshman year at the University’s centennial convocation. Montclair State brings that out in people, and has been doing so for nearly a century.

—Mike Peters, University Photographer