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Amelia Teo ’05

Photo: Mike Peters

Amelia Teo '05

B.A., Justice Studies/Sociology
2003/04 MSUAA Scholarship Award Recipient
2005 Carpe Diem Award winner

Probation officer, Essex County Probation Services, Superior Court of the State of New Jersey:

On choosing Montclair State:

At the time I was going to school, I was raising two young children, so travel time and affordability were a large part of my considerations. Saving time commuting to and from my classes helped a lot.

Importance of participating in campus activities:

I always supported campus organizations. It is very difficult for students like me who work full time to participate, but I did it because I was determined to enjoy my student life. I was a member of the Japanese Club and was treasurer and later vice president of the Chinese Club. I never felt I was too old. I always felt as though I was part of the MSU community.

Favorite memories of Montclair State:

There are so many favorite memories. I had a special bond with my brothers and sisters who volunteered at the Drop-In Center where I served as assistant director in 2004-2005. In fact, a few of us got together for a reunion recently.

Becoming a member of the MSUAA:

I was twice the recipient of the Non-Traditional Student Scholarship awarded by the MSUAA and I am grateful for the Association’s support so becoming a member is a way for me to give back. The MSUAA offers its alumni members great programs like the Alumni and Student Career Fair, Homecoming, the annual meeting and scholarship presentations as well as benefits such as the use of the library.

Staying connected:

I am a part of this legacy, and I belong to this community. Participating in alumni events and becoming a member of the MSUAA and the Online Community are ways of remaining close with your classmates and MSU. It’s also a great opportunity for career advice and networking from other alumni who are in a particular field.

What are you doing now? What are your future goals?

I am currently working as a probation officer in the Superior Court of New Jersey and look forward to promotional opportunities within the division. I plan to return to MSU to obtain my master’s degree. My eldest daughter has challenged me to earn my master’s before she earns her Ph.D. The race is on since she will begin her Ph.D. studies in Jan. 2008.