Career Services' Road Trip Series

The Inaugural Road Trip to Panasonic

The Center for Career Services is proud to announce the launch of our new initiative, Road Trip Series.  The Center is hitting the road to bring students to local offices and corporations for a first-hand look at how our employer partners operate.  Throughout the day, participating students have the opportunity to learn about careers and internships within the organizations and directly network with hiring managers.

Recently, nine Montclair State students participated in the inaugural road trip to Panasonic, located in Newark, NJ.  Upon arriving, students were given a tour of Panasonic’s Innovation Center to explore the newest products hitting both the B2C and B2B markets.  A representative from Panasonic discussed the company’s work in multiple industries, including consumer retail, aviation, automobile and even law enforcement.

Following the tour, students were given the opportunity to meet with the Director of Talent Acquisition and Montclair State alumna, Tina Slattery.  During this informal information session, Tina spoke about the seven principles of the organization, the company culture and shared her own story about her career with Panasonic.  Students also learned about open internship positions, the hiring process and what hiring managers look for in interns and employees.

 The Panasonic road trip was organized by the Center for Career Services in collaboration with the Feliciano School of Business Career Services and College of Science and Mathematics Career Services. 

Panasonic’s Tips for Job Seekers

When asked what makes a candidate stand out, Tina explained that Panasonic’s HR team specifically looks for certain competencies in new hires, beyond technical skills learned in a program of study.  Some of the competencies mentioned were ability to work in a team environment, eagerness to learn and strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Additionally, Tina emphasized the importance of researching an organization prior to an interview.  This not only makes a good impression on the interviewers, but it also allows job seekers to determine if the organization is a good fit for them.  Panasonic’s hiring managers are ultimately looking for candidates who will fit into the company’s team culture.  In order to demonstrate this in an interview, Tina encouraged candidates to let their values, interests and personality shine through.  She went on to explain that she finds the work that she does at Panasonic to be meaningful and enjoyable because her values align so closely with the guiding values of the organization.

Lastly, the group discussed the transition from campus life to a corporate setting.  Tina and her team strongly encouraged students to ask questions during their first few months with any organization, explaining that this practice allows new hires to learn their work and their field quickly.  Tina also discussed the importance of putting yourself in uncomfortable situations throughout your career in order to learn and grow. 

For additional tips, review the Career Readiness Checklist, which outlines the main competencies that many organizations deem important for building their talent pipeline. 

Panasonic’s Career Websites

To learn more about available career and internship opportunities at Panasonic, visit the websites below:

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