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With “fake news” on the rise, it’s vital that readers ensure their news comes from credible sources. NJ News Commons takes care of that by perusing the headlines and reading top stories from a “wide swath of news and information sources that abide by commonly accepted journalistic standards,” according to Center for Cooperative Media Director Stefanie Murray. The best articles from these trusted sources are then aggregated into the newsletter and delivered to subscribers’ inboxes each day.

“We scan headlines each morning from a variety of news sources and pick stories published or broadcast by trustworthy news organizations that we think would be the most interesting to a statewide audience – specifically, we look for the topics that have the greatest impact on New Jersey citizens,” says Murray. “That often means the newsletter leans heavy on stories involving politics, government and policy issues.”

An initiative of the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University, NJ News Commons highlights the work of New Jersey news media. It is a network of more than 150 news media partners and an extensive following on social media.

Since launching in August 2012, the newsletter audience has grown to approximately 2,000 concerned New Jersey citizens and media professionals. Murray describes the audience as “engaged New Jersey citizens who want a quick way to keep up with daily current events across the state.”

“We also cater to media professionals as a sub-target audience,” she says, “because that's who our organization supports as part of our mission.”

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