QUIXOTE Lands on NJArts' List of Things to do This Weekend!

Lindsay Kesselman in QUIXOTE

Photo Courtesy of Gennadi Novash

"The first work wholly developed as part of Peak Performances’ extended residency program, PeARL (Performing Arts Research Laboratory). QUIXOTE is a reimagining of Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote, with music and lyrics by Amy Beth Kirsten and direction and design by Mark DeChiazza, and will be performed by DeChiazza, singers in the HOWL ensemble, and singing musicians from Sandbox Percussion. According to its press release, in this work “HOWL provides the voices inside the old man’s head. Because books figure so prominently in his lunacy, the musicians play books as instruments with a compelling sound of their own. The score also includes tuning forks, triangles, plain white paper and human breath.” 

See QUIXTOE March 23-26!  All seats just $20.  Get your tickets here.  

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