Lunic Adisson-Boyd '08

Motivational Speaker & Founder of A Day At A Time Nj.Org

Lunic Adisson-Boyd '08 graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in broadcasting. Lunic’s work experience includes being a journalist and a field producer for major networks like Fox 5 News and My9 News but that is not all. Her story is inspiring and Montclair State University allowed her to become the successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker she is today.

Before attending Montclair State, Lunic faced a tough reality. She was financially bankrupted after having great success and lost everything including vision and hope. This reality drew Lunic towards Montclair State University where she would come in as a transfer student who was older than her peers. The school allowed her to gain self-confidence, dignity, and hope for the future by embracing all the things the school had to offer. Many different teachers in the department pushed Lunic to be her best and challenge herself. One teacher she notes specifically was David Sanders, “I am forever grateful to David Sanders for my admission interview and making the decision to helping me get accepted into the department.”

During her time at Montclair, some of her fondest memories included preparing for her weekly on campus television news show where she was the anchor as well as her internship with Whoopi Goldberg and never getting any sleep because of it. Montclair State played an intricate role in preparing her for the incredible life that she lives today. The skills she gained from Montclair included team-work, meeting deadlines, setting goals high, and building confidence in front of the camera as well as on stage. By the time graduation came, Lunic was well equipped to dominate. Before finishing school, Lunic started her own production company with two other colleagues, using the same work ethic that she now teaches to students worldwide.

Lunic’s advice to current students is, “Make no excuses, work your tail off, you can sleep when you die, and be sure to pay forward and homage to those that pave the way for you.” Her advice clearly resonates in her everyday life as she decided to become a motivational speaker who changes lives and gives back to her community. The message she relays to her audience is that you should never allow your current situation to determine the final outcome and to stay focused on what is most important, yourself.

Today, Lunic dedicates her life to helping others and created a foundation called, “A Day At A Time”  which is a youth and adult organization that centers around giving back to certain communities that need it.