New Yorker recommends doug elkins choreography, etc. at Peak Performances

Javier 'Ninja' Madrid in Doug Elkins' new film, A Hundred Indecisions.

Photo by Gennadi Novash.

"For Elkins, who started out as a b-boy, a love of hip-hop is in no way incompatible with a love of modern dance. His delightful aesthetic flows from, and is continually refreshed by, stylistic polyamory. So it’s rather fitting that loving several people at once is the subject of O, round desire, his new work for Montclair State University’s Peak Performances series. A new film, A Hundred Indecisions, mixes The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock with house dance and voguing (the cast includes the astonishing voguer Javier Ninja). Mo(or)town/Redux, Elkins’s brilliant 2012 mashup of Othello, Motown, José Limón, and club dance, also gets a welcome reprise." — The New Yorker

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