Partnership with Stevens yields new 3+2 program

Through the new program students will earn a BS in Physics and MS in Mechanical Engineering in 5 years.

The Program

This is a 5 year combined BS/MS program where the first 3 years will be spent by the student at Montclair State University working on the requirements for a BS in Physics. The year 4 of this program will involve taking ‘swing courses’ at Stevens Institute of Technology which will count towards the BS degree. Therefore the student will have the official BS degree after 4 years. Years 4 and 5 will be spent at Stevens Institute of Technology working towards a MS in Mechanical Engineering. 

Eligibility and Process

Students interested in this program must notify the program advisor (Dr. Ashwin Vaidya) in the Department of Physics about their interest at the time of entry into MSU, i.e. beginning of Year 1. At this stage, students are considered candidates for the program and are required to meet with the program advisor at least once a semester by appointment. Note that admission into the SIT program is not guaranteed. By the end of Year 2, the advisor will determine if the candidate has completed the requisite courses in MSU and has a high enough GPA (at least a 3.5 overall and good performance in major and science courses) to qualify for the 5 year program. If yes, the advisor will help the student put together an application to SIT by the middle of Year 3. SIT will notify the student of acceptance during the spring term of Year 3 and if accepted, can begin taking appropriate courses by the beginning of Year 4. In case the student is not accepted to the SIT program, he/she can complete the Year 4 at MSU and graduate with a BS in physics. The program advisor might have other suggestions at this stage that can be appealing to the student. 

Why Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a highly desirable degree that provides many well paying career opportunities, and is described as the broadest of the engineering disciplines. It focuses on design and building of machines and mechanical systems to meet human needs. Physics forms the basis of mechanical engineering. Learn more about the field of Mechanical Engineering on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Course Information

A complete list of courses and suggested sequence of courses can be found at this link: BS-MS Course Info. A description of the recommended physics courses can also be found on the Department of Physics website. Also, please note that in order to complete the program in 5 years, the student must come prepared with the necessary math courses and ready to take Calculus 1 in the very first semester.  However, students not ready for Calculus 1 can still apply for this program but must be ready for the program to take longer to complete. The program advisor will always try to work with students to seek the best and most efficient way to get through the program.   

Contact Information

For more information about this BS/MS in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, contact Prof. Ashwin Vaidya from the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Montclair State University, email: