Your Voice...Your Vote!

Voter Registration Deadline is: Tuesday, October 17.

Your Vote Matters, but Only If You Vote!

Montclair State University encourages all members of the campus community to register to vote and to participate in local, state, and federal elections. This year, New Jersey has a General Election for the Office of Governor in addition to many other local, state, and federal officials on Tuesday, November 7. The deadline to register to vote in New Jersey is Tuesday, October 17, 2017.

To make this process easier for you the office of Civic & Voter Engagement has partnered with TurboVote, a non-profit and non-partisan organization that will help you to register to vote, set-up voting reminders for your home district, and request an absentee ballot if needed. Visit

Be an Informed Voter!

There are numerous websites for the different candidates and political parties. Major newspapers and TV channels have web sites that cover political news, issues, and candidates. Be aware that any website you visit may have an agenda or bias, but by reading, listening, and watching, you can be better informed.

How Do I Register to Vote?

Montclair State Residents

Resident students may choose to register using their Montclair State address and vote locally. Resident students also may choose to register using their permanent address and vote there, in person, or through a mail-in/absentee ballot. There are good reasons for registering and voting from either address and the final choice is yours.

Registration Forms

Below are links to registration forms. Print, fill out and mail!

On-Campus Help

The Office of Civic and Voter Engagement will be available at the following times and locations to assist you in filling out your registration form and answer any questions about voting that you might have.

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Civic and Voter Engagement at 973-655-7033 or

Thank you,

Karen L. Pennington 

Karen L. Pennington
Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life