Broadcasting Students Produce Public Service Announcement

30-second spot promoting the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center already airing on the YES Network

Under the guidance of Marc Rosenweig, assistant professor in the Department of Broadcasting, three students, Krystal Acosta, of North Bergen, Kellen Dunbar, of Rockaway and Nicole Pica, of Jersey City, recently produced a public service announcement (PSA) for the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center. The 30-second PSA is already airing on the YES Network and will run on Sportsnet New York (SNY), FOX 5 and WWOR Channel 9 at a later date.

The students, all juniors in the broadcasting program, produced the PSA as a project for Rosenweig’s Television Production 3 class. “The PSA project was a great way for the students to get some real-world experience in television production,” says Rosenweig. “They not only learned how to put a PSA together but have the added reward of being able to see their work on the air.”

Prior to joining the faculty at Montclair State, Rosenweig was a founder and senior vice-president of programming for the YES Network. In that capacity, he had worked with Dave Kaplan, the director of the Yogi Berra Museum on several occasions so it was a natural step to re-establish that relationship when he came to Montclair. When Kaplan mentioned the need for a new PSA for the museum, Rosenweig decided to have his students produce the spot and the result is now on the air.

View the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center PSA here.