Research Article on Imposter Phenomenon Published by Dr. Carolina Gonzalez

Dr. Carolina Gonzalez, Director of Teacher Education in the Center of Pedagogy, recently collaborated with Dr. Nicole Pulliam from Monmouth University, and their article, "Success or Fraud? Exploring the Impacts of the Impostor Phenomenon Among High Achieving Racial/Ethnic Minority and First-Generation College Students" was published in the Fall 2018 issue of the Journal of Access, Retention & Inclusion in Higher Education (formerly the Act 101 Journal). 

As the title implies, this conceptual article explores the impacts of the impostor phenomenon among high-achieving racial and ethnic minority and first-generation student. Utilizing existing literature, the authors analyze how the interplay between the impostor phenomenon and the two historically underrepresented groups impacts key focus areas in the retention of college students - 1.) academic self-efficacy, 2.) student engagement, and 3.) mental health. The article concludes with implications and practical recommendations and strategies for higher education professionals.

To view the Fall 2018 issue of  Journal of Access, Retention & Inclusion and Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Pulliam's article, please visit: