Montclair State University President Susan A. Cole Addresses Student Legislature

Announces Historic Separation of Student Newspaper from Student Government

At a meeting today of the Montclair State University Student Government Association (SGA), Montclair State University president Susan A. Cole delivered an historic statement that announced plans to separate the 70 year-old student news publication from the student government organization.

“I agree with the underlying principle that government and a free press must remain separate,” she said. “Therefore, the University will work with The Montclarion and the SGA over the next several months to achieve a formal separation of the two organizations effective no later than July 1, 2008.” Click here to view the full statement.

The dispute between the two student organizations over legal and jurisdictional matters had captured national media attention over the last few weeks. The Montclarion’s budget, frozen in January, was unfrozen for 30 days during which time the University provided mediation between the two parties. The recent mediation session, which took place on February 26, failed to resolve the dispute. Today’s announcement came on the heels of that development.

“I am very proud of both the SGA and The Montclarion,” emphasized Dr. Cole in her remarks, “and I am very impressed with the seriousness of purpose that the University’s students have demonstrated throughout this difficult dispute.”

Released February 27, 2008