The Mirror Project Exhibit Held

Photo: Mike Peters

Student, Jodine Patterson looks at one of the mirrors in the exhibit.

As part of Body Acceptance Week sponsored by Health Promotion of the Department of University Health and Counseling Services, the Student Center Ballrooms were recently home to the exhibit, The Mirror Project. Featuring over 120 hand-decorated mirrors, the exhibit challenged people to think about how they perceived themselves and let them view the artistic expressions of others.

The mirrors on display were created by students, faculty and staff at the University who were asked the simple question: “What do you see when you look in the mirror?” They wrote their responses on the mirrors so that the statements could be read while people were looking at themselves. The responses were as varied as the decorations on the mirrors and ran the gamut from funny to sad and from reserved to jubilant.

As summed up by the project literature, “When viewing this exhibit, we hope that people can look deep inside themselves and truly reflect on their feelings towards their bodies as well as to be able to see through the words on the mirrors to what exists beyond the reflection. You must love yourself in order for others to love you.”

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