Montclair State University Releases 2008 Local Economic Impact Report

Benefit to Montclair, Little Falls, and Clifton, $76.5 million; Benefit to Newark, $4.7 million

MONTCLAIR, NJ - Montclair State University's Report on Contributions to the Community 2008 released today reveals the significance of Montclair State's growing economic contribution to its neighboring communities, supporting Montclair's role as an economic growth engine (View the complete report here.)

According to the report, in fiscal year 2007, Montclair State University:

  • generated $76.5 million worth of economic activity in its neighboring communities of Montclair, Clifton, and Little Falls, and another $4.7 million of economic activity in Newark
  • employed more than a fifth of its total workforce, 333 of 1516 full-time employees, from Clifton, Little Falls, or Montclair. These local, full-time employees earned annual salaries totaling $23 million.
  • purchased more the $10.4 million worth of goods and services from vendors in its neighboring communities, and another $1 million from vendors in Newark
  • drew hundreds of thousands of attendees to events over the past ten years - more than 600,000 visitors to athletic events, theatrical performances and children's performances, with 18,400 seats going to children from Montclair, Little Falls and Clifton
  • educated local youth - over the past ten years 4,830 students from Montclair, Clifton and Little Falls, and another 1,532 from Newark enrolled at the University
  • assisted local school districts - The Montclair State Network for Educational Renewal has collaborated with the school districts of Montclair, Clifton, Little Falls, Newark and 20 other towns
  • assisted local non-profit organizations - Through the University's Service-learning Program, hundreds of students are serving more than 1,300 residents of Montclair, more than 300 residents of Clifton, and more than 500 residents of Newark.

"There is no doubt that we are deeply and historically linked to our neighboring communities," said Montclair State University President Susan A. Cole. "This report demonstrates that the relationship has significant mutual economic benefits as well."

The report also highlighted that 2,273 alumni live in Clifton, 885 in Little Falls, 1,473 in Montclair and 943 in Newark.

Released: April 15, 2008