MSU Pre-Collegiate Teaching Academy to open in Paterson, NJ

Montclair State University, the Center of Pedagogy, the New Jersey Network for Educational Renewal, and the Teacher Education Advocacy Center announce the opening of the Montclair State University Pre-Collegiate Teaching Academy (MSUPTA) in Paterson. Opening in September, 2000 with sixty 9th graders, the Academy is a collaboration between the Paterson Board of Education, the Paterson Education Association, and MSU. We are very proud to be part of this ground-breaking effort by the City of Paterson to offer alternatives and choice to public school children and their families.

MSUPTA will feature a rigorous, comprehensive, academic curriculum with a strong emphasis on science, mathematics and literacy. Our hope is that many of of the young people will choose teaching as their career. Regardless of their career choice, however, successful graduates of the Academy will be guaranteed admission to MSU, thanks President Susan Cole.

Suppport from the Dodge and Lucent Technologies Foundations and from the New Jersey Department of Education have created a number of opportunities for students as well as school and university faculty. For example, entering freshman attend a two-week summer bridge program on the MSU campus designed to provide skills enrichment through an integrated, thematic math and science curriculum. This summer, project Director, Dr. Linda Wise, and co-facilitator, Dr. Jennifer Robinson, worked with Drs. Korley, DeLorenzo, Piccolino, and DiLorenzo and the faculty of the school on the Bridge Program. With a grant from the New Jersey Department of Education, the academy can become a teaching laboratory for all educators, both new and experienced, university as well as the school-based.

If you are interested in learning more about the Academy or participating in this project, please contact the Center of Pedagogy at: