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The Power of Young Voters

(Note: This information pertains to the 2000 election. Information about the 2008 election is available here.)

MSU is committed to developing students into socially responsible contributors to society. One important part of this mission is to make students aware of the difference one vote can make.

Did you know that young people under 30 represent 25% of the voting age population? That means MSU students could make a big difference in the 2000 election and your one vote could be the deciding factor. You may not think your vote matters, but it does. In fact, many races have been decided by just a few votes. So don't wait! Take just a few moments to complete the online request for a voter registration form to ensure that your voice is heard by linking to or be sure to look for the voter registration tables located around campus. In order to vote in the 2000 election, you must register to vote by October 10, 2000.