Montclair State Alumni Form Theatre Company

The StrangeDog Theatre Company’s inaugural production, “SubUrbia,” runs June 5 - 15

Photo by Mike Peters

A scene from Montclair State's April 2008 production of "SubUrbia," being reprised by The StrangeDog Theatre Company in June.

Created by six recent graduates of Montclair States’ theatre program, a new production company, The StrangeDog Theatre Company, is presenting its inaugural production, “SubUrbia,” by Eric Bogosian, from June 5 through June 15 at the Powerhouse Arts District Art Center in Jersey City. With many award-winning theater artists among its members, StrangeDog Theatre is focused on developing and performing original, diverse works in a variety of genres and mediums.

“Our goal is to create new works from new and emerging artists, not only through theatre but through film, sketch comedy, and other artistic mediums as well,” says Ari Frenkel, company member and recent recipient of the Irene Ryan Acting Award.

Frenkel and the other founding members, Ben Clawson, Scott Cagney, David Murgittroyd, Artem Yatsunov and Tim Hackney, were all classmates during their years at Montclair State and remain good friends. They are all actively pursuing careers in their particular areas of theatrical interest. “Although we’d all love to be working full-time in the theatre, it’s a tough field for full financial support so we all do have part time jobs,” admits Frenkel.

The StrangeDog Theatre production of “SubUrbia” will feature company members and current Montclair State students reprising their roles from the University’s production of the play at the Fox Theater earlier in the year. The StrangeDog Theatre production has been re-envisioned by the company and is directed by Yatsunov.

With two other productions already scheduled, including “Bootstraps,” an original play written by Clawson, the company is working hard to bring fresh, new artistic productions to audiences in the New Jersey/New York area. Information about the company and the production is available on its Web site: