Foreign Language Placement Test offered at MSU

From now until November 10, 2000, the Foreign Language Placement Test will be offered for all currently enrolled Montclair Students who have not yet taken the Foreign Language Placement Test AND who wish to continue studying a foreign language they have had previous experience with (i.e., a student who studied French in high school or college and wishes to continue studying French at Montclair State University). As part of the general education requirement, all students at Montclair must take six (6) credits of a foreign language. (Students in the Second Careers Program are exempt from taking the Foreign Language Placement Examination, but are not exempt from the Foreign Language GER.) For further information, see page 36 and 37 of the MSU Undergraduate Catalog 2000-2002.

The Foreign Language Placement Exam is available for most foreign languages taught at MSU (French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, and Spanish). All students must be pre-registered for all tests. To register students should contact: Foreign Language Placement office at or call (973) 655-6980. For more information see: