MSU Debuts new Web site

It's not just new, it's better!

In the past 18 months, the number of pages/sites available through the main MSU site has grown tremendously. Because of this growth, we have created a new structure and front level design for the main site, with two main objectives to this new design: to provide easier navigation to available information, and to provide prospective students and their parents the two categories they most often request - basic facts about our institution, and applications information.

A new feature on our main page is the 'mouseover' view you see when you 'touch' one of the 12 main categories. What appears is a list of categories available via that link. This allows you to 'view' what is provided through that link, before you actually have to 'click' and go to the page.

We have also added a rotating system of pictures for the main page and the 12 subcategory pages. We hope this new feature will allow us to provide a chance to convey our mission, culture and community spirit.

We always encourage comments and suggestions on how we might better serve one and all through our main MSU site.

Please forward all comments to the MSU Webmaster.