Third Passaic River Symposium to be Held at Montclair State, 10/16

Symposium to discuss projects and issues concerning the Upper and Lower Passaic River and its tributaries

Featuring remarks and presentations by noted governmental, scientific, academic and corporate leaders, the Third Passaic River Symposium will be held at the University Hall Conference Center on Thursday, October 16 beginning at 8:30 a.m. Organized by Montclair State’s Passaic River Institute, the symposium will discuss projects and address the issues surrounding the environmental challenges in the Passaic River.

Among those scheduled to speak are Alan J. Steinberg, Regional Administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Aniello L. Tortora, the New York District Commander for the US Army Corps of Engineers and Lisa P. Jackson, Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The symposium features a full agenda with a dual-track format to more comprehensively cover the differing issues of the upper and lower sections of the river. The symposium will conclude with key players in these issues sharing their reaction to what they have heard throughout the day and taking questions and comments from the audience.

“This symposium is the best opportunity for those who are concerned about or working on issues concerning the Passaic River to meet, share information and discuss those issues,” says Kirk Barrett, director of the Passaic River Institute and organizer of the symposium. “The future of the Passaic River is a concern to everyone in northern New Jersey, and the Passaic River Institute is working to positively influence that future by organizing this forum where a spectrum of viewpoints and issues will be discussed.”

More information about the symposium is available on its Web page.