Body Acceptance Week

Many individuals, especially college students at one point struggle with body image. many students have a negative image of their body. The following events during MSU Body Acceptance Week are to inform and benefit anyone who thinks of their body as a temple or a shack.

On Tuesday, February 27, at 7pm, SC 419, there will be a Body Image Panel Discussion. There will be several panelists who will speak about their experience with body, body image, and eating disorders. At the end of the program questions and more discussion will bring the event to a close.

On Wednesday, February 28, at 1pm, SC 417, Esmilda Abreu, Director of the MSU Women's Center, will facilitate a movie called FOOD FRIGHT.

On Wednesday, February 28, at 7pm in Life Hall Rm. 124 (dance studio) Barbara Reese a dance a movement therapist will present a workshop on expressive dance therapy where positive body image will be expressed.

Thursday, March 1 is Inside Out day!!! Please wear a piece of clothing inside out to symbolize it's what's inside that counts and that you are aware and appreciate inner beauty!!