SGA Voting begins 3/24

SGA Voting begins March 24 The Student Government Association will soon be holding elections for the 2001-2002 Executive Board. Now is the time to voice your opinion! The election is not only held to vote for the candidates, but to get a consensus from the undergraduate student body on how campus life is now and in what direction it should be taken. So grab hold of the steering wheel and take the SGA out for a drive! The election times are as follows:

    Monday, March 19th, Noon-1pm: Student Center Quad

    Saturday, March 24, 9am-1pm: Dickson Hall
    Monday, March 26, 9am-5pm: Student Center And 7-9pm: Blanton Hall Lobby
    Tuesday, March 27, 9am-8pm: Dickson Hall
    Wednesday, March 28, 9am-3:30pm: Student Center
    Thursday, March 29, 9am-2pm: Student Center

Look for more election events. If you have any questions, call x 6957.