Free widescreen showing of Akira Kurosawa's "Ran"

Tuesday, March 20 at 7:30 p.m. in Brantl Hall (Dickson 177)

The classic Japanese adaptation of Shakespeare's King Lear will be projected in widescreen format from a DVD copy of the film. Crisp and clear, the epic battle scenes, medieval Japanese costumes, and landscapes are spectacular. "Ran," which means "chaos" in Japanese, tells Shakespeare's story with a decidedly Japanese twist. Winner of many awards, including Academy Awards for best costume, best cinematography, best art direction-set direction, and best director and a Golden Globe for best foreign film.

This is the first film in the 2001 MSU International Film Festival, which will take place on Tuesday evenings from March 20 to April 17. The program, which was designed in consultation with faculty, staff, and students from the Library, the Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Honors Program, will showcase cinematic adaptations of literature. Each adaptation focuses on a director from a different culture than that portrayed in the original work. Discussion following the film will thus question the ways in which directors were inspired by books, but will also examine the ways in which they created entirely new cinematic oeuvres that stand on their own. Each session will be introduced by a faculty member or specialist on either book or film and will be followed by group discussion. This screening of Ran will be followed by a discussion session led by Professor Theodore Price of the Department of English at MSU.