Montclair State University Announces Two Fulbright Awards

Montclair, New Jersey --- Montclair State University recently announced that two faculty members are recipients of Fulbright Awards: Robert W. Taylor, professor of Earth and Environmental Studies, and Phillip G. LeBel, professor of economics in the Department of Economics and Finance.

Professor Taylor has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to work at the De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines from January to July, 2009. He will research the topic "Sustainability, Urban Redevelopment and Environment: The City of Manila, Philippines."

"I will be interviewing various stakeholder groups to access their current sustainability practices," explains Taylor. "The research will generate a report to the Mayor's Office of the city of Manila, and the information gathered from the project will constitute the grist for a number of articles and international presentations. I hope to show from the research how sustainability constitutes both good business practices and good civic policy, and leads to healthy communities."

Professor LeBel has been awarded a Fulbright Teaching and Research Fellowship to work at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia from January to July, 2009. He will teach at the University and undertake research on the topics "Integrating Technology into Economics Learning" and "Risk Management Choices for Sustainable Economic Development."

Of the two avenues of research, LeBel says, "One is to explore the use of learning technology in a developing country environment and the reference to risk management choices is to a recent line of research in which I have been engaged for the last several years and for which I have produced a number of published articles."

For more information about Robert W. Taylor, visit Taylor Fulbright. For more information about Phillip G. LeBel, visit LeBel Fulbright.

Released: November 13, 2008