American Studies and English as a Second Language Programs

For 18 students from Korea, January was an exciting time to be at Montclair State University

For 18 students from Korea, January was an exciting time to be at Montclair State University, despite the cold weather.

Accompanied by two of their professors, the Seoul National University of Technology English and Engineering students came for an 18-day program in American Studies organized by the Global Education Center. Their program, which had a fitting culmination in the Inauguration Day program at the University Hall Conference Center, included daily classes in English as a Second Language and American Culture, providing background information on everything from ethnic diversity to sports and media.

Guest lectures and workshops by MSU faculty and staff played a key role in their understanding of American culture and current affairs, and included hands-on workshops in the DuMont Television studios and the Food Management kitchens and lectures by Professor Rita Jacobs (English) on popular culture and media, by Professor Dan Bronson (English) on baseball and by Provost Willard Gingerich on Hispanic and Native American contributions to American history. Classroom presentations were further enhanced by faculty-led field trips to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, the United Nations, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and MSU’s own Yogi Berra Museum.

English major Kim U Ran commented, “I got a lot of information that you can’t find in Google. I’m really glad to know real information- not theory. This is my first trip abroad. Before this, I was afraid of change or new things. But now I can enjoy change- this can be my turning point.”;