Public Health Advisory: Possible Case of Mumps

This advisory is being sent as a general information bulletin.  On Thursday, February 5, 2009 a student seen at the University Health Center was determined to have a possible case of mumps.  Laboratory testing has not yet confirmed this finding.  The student has recovered without incident and returned to normal daily activities.

Students and faculty who may recently have come in very close contact with the student have been identified and immunization status reviewed.  Those with inadequate vaccinations are being contacted and provided with recommendations.  The rest of our campus membership is at minimal, if any, risk of contracting the virus.  All students entering Montclair State University since September of 2007 have been required to have two doses of mumps vaccine as a protective measure to our community.  Further information about mumps can be found at:

As a precaution, the University Health Center has consulted with the New Jersey Department of Health and confirmatory laboratory testing has been arranged.

In general, UHC recommends good infection control practices to prevent all types of infections especially during cold and flu season.  Frequent hand washing, good cough etiquette, and the use of alcohol based hand sanitizer after visiting common gathering areas such as dining halls and computer labs can significantly reduce exposure to all viruses.

Additional questions regarding this health information bulletin can be addressed to Donna Barry, Director of the University Health Center at  You can also access an FAQ at:

Information sessions which are open to Montclair State University students, faculty and staff will be held:
Tonight, February 9, 7:30 p.m. Bohn Hall Lounge
Wednesday, February 11, 4 p.m., Student Center, Ballroom A