MSU Teacher Candidates Receive Top Grades

Ninety-seven percent of Montclair State University student teachers passed the tests required by the state of New Jersey for certification.

Reports of test results, mandated by Title II of the Higher Education Act Amendments of 1998 and released by the U.S. Department of Education on Nov. 28, revealed that 265 of 273 MSU student teachers tested passed the tests, placing MSU in the First Quartile among the 21 colleges and universities in the state.

MSU's passing rate was the third highest in the state, behind Princeton's 100 (20 of 20 students tested) and the College of New Jerseys 98 (357 of 364).

"The federal government is requiring all states and institutions with teacher education programs to prepare annual reports on teacher preparation and licensing," said Dr. Ada Beth Cutler, Dean of MSU's College of Education and Human Services. "As part of these reports, all teacher education programs must annually report their teacher education candidates' pass rate on state tests. While we realize this is only one measure of teacher quality, we are delighted that we have achieved an overall pass rate of 97 percent. Additionally, in most of our certification programs, 100 percent of our candidates passed the required tests."

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