CSAM Mammalogist Captures First Photo of Elusive Jaguar

Photo is the first ever taken of a jaguar on Barro Colorado Island in Panama

Photo: Jackie and Greg Willis

The first photo taken of a jaguar on the Barro Colorado Island, in Panama.

Jacalyn Willis, director of Montclair State University’s Professional Resources in Science and Math Center (PRISM) and her husband, Greg, have created a stir in the scientific community by taking the first photograph of a jaguar on Barro Colorado Island in Panama. Rarely even seen, a jaguar has never before been photographed in the nearly 90 years that biologists have been conducting research on the island.

News of the photograph has spread quickly since it was first announced in a press release from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. The full story and more photos are available on the PRISM Web site as well as a number of other online sources including: