University Police Bike Patrol Awarded Cannondale Patrol Mountain Bike

Neumann Foundation for Slain Police Officer Awards 101 Bicycles to 90 Police Departments

Mike Peters, University Communications

From left to right: Chief Paul M. Cell, PO Jaison Frazier, Lt. Kieran Barrett, PO Jimmy Michel

The Montclair State University Police Department is pleased to announce they are the recipient of a new police grade Cannondale mountain bike, valued at $1600.00, from The Neumann Foundation.  The Neumann Foundation is a non-profit organization established, by the Neumann family, in memory of Essex County Police Officer Kenneth Neumann, who was accidently shot and killed during a pre-dawn raid on August 3, 1989.  Keith was just 24 years old at the time and had been married for only six weeks.  One of the Foundation's missions is to provide support to Police Departments and their communities through a bike grant program.  "Our objective is to offer assistance to community bike patrols in their attempts to reduce crime in parks, town centers, schools, and other recreational areas.  We feel this program is vital when reacquainting the community with a highly visible and approachable police force," said Steve Toal, President of the Foundation and Neumann's brother-in-law.

The Foundation initially completed its mission of police bikes on August 2, 2007 after achieving a targeted milestone of 101 bikes.  "101 is a very significant number for the Neumann family as it was Keith's badge number," Toal said. In 2009 an anonymous donor contacted the Foundation to make a donation and was told of the significance of the number 101 and politely thanked.  A week later the donor called back and agreed that the number 101 was significant and agreed to finance the purchase of 101 new bikes for a total of $153,000.  The Foundation offered the grant application to agencies with existing bike patrol programs and awarded on the basis of program establishment and development.  Montclair State University was one of 90 agencies from New Jersey and Pennsylvania to be awarded a bike.

"This addition to our bike unit will greatly enhance the delivery of law enforcement services to our community," said Chief of Police Paul Cell.  "In this time of fiscal restraint, it is an extraordinary and significant gesture that the anonymous donor and the Neumann Foundation have made.  The two officers we have assigned to bike patrol have been seeking ways to invigorate the program to make themselves a more visible and approachable police.  Community members respond very well to the bike officers and this bike can only help us in our mission to make this campus a safe environment," said Chief Cell.

The 101 bikes were assembled by Cycle Craft, a Parsipanny-based company, which gave the foundation expert advice and guidance when selecting appropriate bike and equipment to be used by the officers while on patrol.  The presentation of the bikes, which occurred on May 20th at the Police Athletic League Complex in Parsipanny, brought together 90 police agencies to show support for the Foundation and show appreciation for this most generous grant award.