Grad Student Debuts at the American Drama Conference

Photo: Mike Peters

Meghan Kurta

A paper by second-year Montclair State graduate student Meghan Kurta was chosen to be presented at the American Drama Conference held at St. Francis College in New York in November 2008. Featuring noted educators, scholars, drama critics, and performers, the American Drama Conference is an annual event which focuses on all aspects of American drama, playwrights, and theatre.

Originally written for a class, Kurta’s paper concerned Arthur Miller’s four Holocaust-centered plays, After the Fall, Incident at Vichy, Playing for Time, and Broken Glass. Through these plays, she explored the various degrees to which Miller included the Holocaust in the story, the reasons for its inclusion, and other aspects of the role that the Holocaust plays in the works.

“I had a wonderful time at the conference,” says Kurta. “I received very positive and supportive feedback from everyone who attended my session, and had some wonderful conversations with other scholars and students working in similar areas.”

Although it was the first time Kurta had presented her work to scholars in her field, any nervousness was quickly calmed by the supportive atmosphere there. “It was a great experience to have so early in my scholarly career,” she says. “I now feel more prepared and confident in presenting my own work in a professional setting.”