ADP Gives Montclair State $2 Million To Aid in Educating New Teachers

With New Jersey and the nation facing a critical shortage of teachers, Montclair State University, a national leader in the field of teacher preparation, has received a gift of $2 million from the ADP Foundation toward construction of the Center for Teacher Preparation and Learning Technologies. The Center will be the heart of a new $68-million academic building that will house the University's College of Education and Human Services, the University's technology hub, and a large number of technology-enabled classrooms.

Montclair State University currently graduates 350 qualified teachers each year, and plans to increase that number to 600, with growth targeted to providing teachers for high-need districts in critical shortage areas such as math, science, early childhood education, special education and world languages. Approximately 2,000 teachers each year participate in Montclair State's continuing professional development programs, and the University plans to increase that number to 8,000 annually. In addition, the University reaches 24,000 school children each year through university/school partnership activities, and that number will be increased to 150,000 annually, more than 11 percent of the students currently in New Jersey's public schools.

"The resources most critical to the University's ability to accomplish the expansion of its core capacity to produce highly qualified teachers are space and technology," said Dr. Susan A. Cole, President of Montclair State. "The new facility will solve the space problem, and the ADP Center for Teacher Preparation and Learning Technologies will solve the technology problem. It will stand as an important resource for the state, modeling best practices in teacher education and school improvement efforts. I am extraordinarily grateful to ADP and the ADP Foundation for its gift, which will have a significant impact on the ability of New Jersey to fill its urgent need for qualified teachers. We are honored by the confidence in Montclair State University that ADP has demonstrated."

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