Montclair State University has been awarded two Congressionally-directed grants

Montclair State University has been awarded two Congressionally-directed grants in the amount of $190,000 each for 2009 and 2010.

The first grant, "STEM Teachers for the 21st Century," is a collaboration between CSAM and CEHS. Drs. Jacalyn Willis (PRISM) and Rosemary Steinbaum (Center for Pedagogy) will provide STEM training and equipment for new teacher recruits in the existing Prudential Scholars Programs and conduct 50 STEM workshops for more than 300 experienced teachers in 32 school districts in New Jersey.  The project will address the need for a workforce of teachers of grades 3 to 12 who are trained to work within the context of a diverse range of schools from urban to suburban communities.  Local school district officials were involved in the design of the program.  Jackie Willis will be the director.

The second grant, the "New Teacher Pipeline Project," will use these grant funds to expand its minority teacher recruitment, development and retention initiatives to better meet the needs of New Jersey school districts.  The project will address the significant educational challenges facing New Jersey public school districts by identifying 20 new talented minority teacher candidates who will receive support and services in teacher preparation, writing and ESL coaching.  Selected school districts will be helped to develop pre-collegiate models of teacher recruitment.  Dr. Jennifer Robinson, Director of the Center for Pedgagogy, will be the director.