MSU Sponsors Shanghai Conference

An International Conference on the
Urban Dimensions of Environmental Change:
Science, Exposures, Policies, and Technologies
June 3-6, 2003, Shanghai, CHINA

The conference will examine causes, impacts, and responses to environmental change in the world's major cities and urban areas. Relating to both the science and the management of urban environmental change, topics for the conference will include policy, regulation, technology, impact adaptation, mitigation, and remediation.

The conference will consist of two interlocking components, a workshop and an open meeting. The meeting includes a call for papers and posters. Up to 20 internationally known scholars will be participants at the conference. Up to 15 advanced graduate students will be invited to participate at the conference. They will be from U.S. universities. These students will represent the next generation of urban environmental study scholars.

Several field trips will be organized for the conference. The conference has gained initial sponsorship from a number of academic and professional organizations and working groups.

East China Normal University in Shanghai and Montclair State University in New Jersey will serve as the host institutions for the conference. They will support the conference preparation and execution. This conference promises to be a special event in the lives of everyone involved. For detailed information please visit the conference's website at: