Montclair State Announces Unprecedented Plan for H1N1 Flu Vaccination, Education, and Prevention

Montclair, NJ -- Montclair State University will be an official point of distribution (POD) site for the H1N1 vaccinations and has developed a comprehensive plan to vaccinate all students, faculty, and staff who are members of the target groups most vulnerable to the virus, beginning on November 9, 2009.

In a recent letter to the campus community, Montclair State President Susan A. Cole, said that the University has had plans in place for a number of years to address wide-ranging campus safety issues and health concerns. "This past year we put in place even more comprehensive plans to deal with health emergencies, and, specifically, the forecasted flu pandemic this fall."

This effort includes a campus-wide response team comprised of more than 100 Montclair State staff drawn from all areas of academic and administrative operations. These individuals have been trained to respond to major incidents on and off campus that affect the community, including pandemic medical emergencies. In March of 2009 the team spent two days in a "what if" exercise based on a simulated major flu outbreak. The mock exercise recreated a scenario in which an initially limited flu outbreak expands into a statewide emergency.

These preparedness efforts have been enacted to respond to the current flu season and the University is working closely with state and local health departments to monitor flu conditions.

There are approximately 14,000 campus members who are among the target groups. A description of the target groups is available at H1N1 Information.

In response to a call that went out recently for medical and lay volunteers to assist with the vaccination effort, medical volunteers from both the campus and the community stepped forward. They will be joined by other volunteers who will create the team of medical and non-medical personnel staffing the clinics, including a contingent of Montclair State students.

All volunteers will be trained and participate in a carefully planned operation designed to screen, vaccinate, and record vaccinations throughout the 5 days of the clinics. Other campus strategies implemented to date include:

  • A campus-wide education campaign for flu prevention is underway, including reminders about hand washing and respiratory/cough hygiene distributed via letters, flyers, e- mails, screen saver messages, and Web postings. Web and e-mail updates will be disseminated as appropriate throughout the semester.
  • A flu Web page with focused flu information and updates has been added to the University Web site and can be found at
  • Training/information sessions have been conducted for departments and staff who work and live with students, including Facilities Services, Residential Education and Services, and the Campus Recreation Center.
  • A schedule of "focused" cleaning of contact surfaces by Facilities Services staff has been implemented.
  • Necessary supplies of hand sanitizer, facemasks, clinical care supplies, and essential protective equipment have been purchased.

For more information about Montclair State's H1N1 strategy and implementation including "Flu: Facts and Fiction," visit

Released: November 4, 2009