Furlough Program - AFT

The following provides details regarding the Self Directed Furlough Leave Program contained in the recent Agreement between the State of New Jersey and the Council of New Jersey State Colleges and Universities, which includes AFT - Local 1904, as well as preliminary instructions about implementation of the program at the University. The program applies to all faculty, librarians and professional staff. It does not apply to adjunct faculty.

The Self Directed Furlough Leave Program (SDF) requires that all employees represented by the AFT - Local 1904 take seven unpaid SDF leave days prior to June 30, 2010, with equivalent days to be pro-rated for percentage of time employees, including those on sabbatical leave. These SDF leave days include the day after Thanksgiving, November 27, 2009, except that a percentage of time employee whose normal work schedule does not include the day after Thanksgiving will not receive credit for furlough hours for this day. The remaining six unpaid furlough leave days shall be utilized by the employee in the following manner: faculty and librarians shall propose days to their Dean and professional staff shall propose days to their supervisor by October 1. The proposed days are subject to the approval of the Dean or supervisor. When considering these requests, Deans/supervisors should take into account the following language from the agreement, "It is presumed that days proposed for use by AFT unit members shall not interfere with the conduct or support of the instructional program or fall within a period that would otherwise constitute a peak period of work for such AFT unit member." It will further be the responsibility of the Dean/supervisor to ensure that critical and time sensitive work is performed without increasing overtime use and with an eye also to ensuring that accrued vacation leave (for non-faculty) is not forfeited as a result of inability to schedule both furlough and vacation time. Employees must use the attached form http://www.montclair.edu/HR/forms/furloughrequestform.pdf to propose the use of their SDF leave days. The form is to be signed and dated by the employee and his/her Dean or supervisor.

Pending the approval of the employee's SDF leave days by the Dean or supervisor, employees may use furlough days prior to or during the month of September. The use of all the remaining SDF leave days must be approved by the Dean or supervisor who will approve the furlough plan through June 30, 2010 for their respective College/School/Department by October 31, and forward the plan and the request forms to the Office of Employee Relations. The use of multiple SDF leave days may be proposed by the employee, however, Deans and supervisors cannot suggest or require that any employee take more than one SDF leave day in a single week. SDF leave days may also be requested for and scheduled on State holidays, however, that will result in the employee being in a no pay status for that day. Also, if an employee requests and utilizes an SDF leave day before or after a holiday the employee will be paid for the holiday. All SDF leave days are to be scheduled as full day increments. Employees who participate in the Modified Work Schedule for the summer who select and use a SDF leave day during the four-day work week must work one and three-quarter hours (1 and 3/4) or charge this time to their vacation or compensatory leave balances to supplement the seven hours of the unpaid SDF leave day.

We should make every effort to schedule the SDF leave pursuant to the requests submitted. Where the employee does not select the required number of unpaid furlough days by the established date, the Dean or supervisor is to meet with the employee to schedule the furlough days. Where an employee and the Dean/supervisor do not agree upon the scheduling of the furlough days, or if the meeting cannot be conducted due to the lack of availability of an employee, the Dean or supervisor shall select the unpaid leave days to be served with at least 7 days notice to the employee. Please contact Gilbert Rivera at x5317 regarding any instance in which an employee does not select the SDF leave days by October 1, or does not schedule their vacation to avert the forfeiture of vacation leave.

Deans and supervisors will receive an excel spreadsheet listing all affected employees for their respective areas and will be responsible for completing the information for their own unit. The spreadsheet is to be used to prepare furlough plans for their respective areas of responsibility. All plans and signed furlough request forms are due to the Division of Human Resources, Office of Employee Relations, by Friday, October 30.

The on-line time keeping system has been modified to enable employees to report the use of furlough leave days on the electronic time sheet as they are taken. Where other forms of reporting time are normally used, the use of SDF leave days must be clearly reflected.

The Agreement also includes the establishment of a paid leave bank wherein each employee will be credited with up to three personal leave days, on a pro-rated basis. These personal leave days will become available for use by employees after June 30, 2010. Further instruction regarding the accumulation and utilization of these personal leave days will be forthcoming.

Questions regarding the Self Directed Furlough Leave Program should be directed to Gilbert Rivera via e-mail at riverag@mail.montclair.edu or Patricia Kelly at kellyp@mail.montclair.edu.