Montclair State Lauded Twice By Hispanic Outlook In Higher Education Magazine

For the sixth consecutive year, Montclair State University has been labeled an educational leader by a prominent national higher education magazine.

MSU has been selected as a "Publisher's Pick" by The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education magazine. In its Nov. 18 issue, publisher Jose Lopez-Isa said that the magazine's 2002 "Publisher's Picks" honors "colleges and universities that we believe enable so many of our Hispanic youth to succeed.We base our assessments on responses to our formal inquiries, on data from the National Center for Education Statistics, and on informal input from all directions. We invite the enablers of these institutions to take a well-deserved bow, and know that your efforts are respected and appreciated and will doubtless ripple down through succeeding generations."

Additionally, MSU was cited as one of the "Top 100 Schools Graduating Hispanics" nationally, the fifth time the University has been so honored.

"Montclair State is proud of the diversity and cultural richness of our University community," said Dr. Susan A. Cole, MSU president. "New Jersey's Hispanic community is growing rapidly, and our University is unconditionally committed to being an accessible and high-quality educational resource for this ambitious population.

"We are pleased to be honored by this outstanding educational magazine for the sixth consecutive year, and truly appreciate its continuing validation of the success of our broad based educational mission."

The Paramus-based magazine can be accessed on the web at