Campus e-mail: 12/12 UPDATE

 (12:30 p.m.)  Please read allusers/allstudents email message covering some additional detail regarding folder re-subscription for Thunderbird users and other important items.

 (10:15 a.m. - Saturday 12/12)  The repair process for all faculty, staff, and student email accounts completed at approximately 1:00am this morning with no significant errors reported.  Please check your email account using Webmail ( ) to confirm that all expected messages and folders are now visible.  Using Webmail to confirm the status of your account will eliminate any potential inconsistencies that might still be present when using another email client.

Note for Microsoft Outlook users:  There is an additional step IT will be performing this evening to restore the 'subscription database' that is specific to the Outlook client. Until then Outlook users may need to manually re-subscribe to folders to make them visible again. 

Anyone still experiencing missing folders or messages after checking via Webmail are asked to inform the University Help Desk (x7971 or immediately.

(2:00 p.m.) IT Division personnel are aware of the additional problems that have occurred since email services were restored last evening, and we continue to work with Sun Technical resources to resolve the mail folder content issues that many of you are reporting. While basic mail send and receive functionality exists, it is necessary to perform a repair to the many inbox and sub-folders that were affected by the problems that occurred early this morning.

In order to take this next step toward full resolution of our email issues, working with the vendor's technical services, we have developed a process that will conduct the repairs of these mail folders without causing an interruption to our email services. You may, however, experience some slowness in email services while the process is running. It is expected that the process will run in the background for the remainder of the business day.

For those reporting folder content issues, as the repair occurs, your folders will reappear with all of your content intact.

NOTE: Despite these delivery and folder content issues, rest assured that all inbound and stored mail remains on the mail server and our mail server continues to accept inbound mail properly. The issues we are experiencing pertain specifically to realigning the folder index database with the messages and folders that are stored on the server.

(9:00 a.m.) Update:  Additional feedback from the user community this morning indicates that there are other outstanding issues in addition to "missing" folder problem described in the last news update. Information Technology will be escalating these issues with our support vendor and are working diligently to resolve all reported problems as soon as possible.  To reiterate; the problems we are experiencing with email this morning are related to corrupted index files that the email client (Thunderbird, Webmail, etc) use to view and manipulate messages on the server. We have no reason to believe that any email folders or messages have been lost, nor are we seeing any trouble with inbound email delivery.

(7:30 a.m. - Friday, December 11  Information Technology is investigating several reports from users of custom (user-created) email folders no longer appearing in their accounts. In these cases the standard Inbox, Draft, Sent, and Trash folders are fine, but any other user-created folders are not appearing.  It is important to understand that the actual email folders and messages still exist on the mail system - they have not been deleted. They are just not visible to the users' email client (or in Webmail) because the folder index files may be corrupted.  OIT is investigating the quickest and most effective way to resolve this issue for the effected users and will update this news item as information is available.

(5:00 p.m.) As of 4:50p.m. today, Thursday December 10  campus email services, including Webmail, have been restored to full functionality. Information Technology will continue to monitor the system throughout the evening as well as tomorrow. We are awaiting a vendor-supplied software patch that will need to be applied to the system at some point in the next few days. The patch addresses the specific file system issue we were experiencing and will likely require a brief shutdown of email services during installation. OIT will schedule that work for late in the evening to avoid any further impact to our user community from email service interruptions.

(3:00 p.m)  OIT has made significant progress in our efforts to restore the campus email server, however work is ongoing.  The reconstruction of corrupted index files unfortunately consumed more systems resources than was anticipated and required shutting down some of the core email functions during the day today.  As of now the workaround described below (auto-forwarding to a remote adddress for inbound mail) is operating properly.

Please note that if you choose to use an external email service (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) while the campus email issues are being corrected, be sure to 'cc' your account so that messages you send from the external site will be sent to your mail.montclair Inbox when our local service has been restored.

(9:00 a.m.) OIT continues to work on a resolution to the delivery problem on the campus mail server.  We have narrowed the problem down to corrupted indexes some user accounts, but have not identified all of those accounts yet. 

Optional workaround:  While the final delivery of inbound messages to user's Inboxes is still malfunctioning, the email server's "auto-forward"  feature is working properly. Therfore, it is possible to temporarily set your email account to auto-forward to an external account like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc until the local delivery problem is resolved.

To set an auto-forward, log into the NetID account form at:  (type "Yes" to agree to  the Responsible Computing policy), then select "Change my E-mail forwarding options."  Choose the "Forward a copy" option and specify the remote email account you want to forward to (ex.  

Please remember to use the Forward a copy option and not "Forward only".  That way, new inbound messages that are addressed to your mail.montclair account will autoforward to the external account, and a copy will also remain in the local delivery queue and will be delivered to your mail.montclair Inbox when the service has been restored.

(6:45 a.m.)  The campus email system is again experiencing the significant delivery delays that were occurring throughout the day yesterday.  OIT engineers are continuing to troubleshoot the issue with our external support resources in an effort to isolate and correct the problem.  Updates will be posted to this news article as soon as they are available.

(2:45 a.m. - Thursday, December 10) The campus e-mail service is currently available.  However, advanced diagnostic procedures will be running for the next several hours. OIT engineers continue to monitor the service and troubleshoot as necessary. Additional updates will be posted as they become available. 

(7 p.m.) Due to efforts to remedy the ongoing e-mail server delivery problems, the service is currently unavailable. OIT engineers continue to work with our external support resources in an effort to restore the service to full functionality. Updates will be posted to this article as they become available.

We regret the inconvenience.

(12 p.m. - Wednesday, December 9) The campus e-mail service is experiencing significant delays in delivering mail to accounts. OIT engineers continue to work with our external support resources in an effort to determine why the problem has returned since the initial occurrence yesterday evening. IMAP/POP (read) services remain available at this time.