Campus e-mail repairs completed

Repairs to the campus email system were completed over the weekend, however some users may still need to manually resubscribe to their mail folders to make them visible in the Thunderbird email client.  Instructions for manually resubscribing to folders were sent to the allusers and allstudents mailing lists on Saturday morning.

One of the limitations we have recently discovered with that method is that it does not automatically subscribe any nested subfolders.  Users will need to expand all the subfolders in the Manage Folder Subscriptions window in order to resubscribe to them.  For users with many folders nested several levels deep this can be a time consuming exercise.

A much faster shortcut in Thunderbird is to allow it to see all folders regardless of whether those folders are subscribed or not. To do so:

1) open up Thunderbird's Account Settings
2) select Server Settings
3) click "Advanced" button
4) UN-check "Show only subscribed folders" option

You will need to quit and restart Thunderbird after making the above changes.

Note that Microsoft Outlook users cannot use this shortcut method and will need to manually resubscribe to all top-level fodlers and sub-folders.