Internet Service Problems Linked To "Worm"

A widespread slowdown or halt of Internet services worldwide occurred on Saturday, January 25th. The cause of these problems was (and potentially still is) a "denial of service" worm that targets Microsoft SQL database servers and causes them to begin flooding the networks they are attached to with huge volumes of traffic. In addition to the many sites around the world that were effected today, Montclair State University's own Internet connection became severely congested and came to a halt on Saturday morning.

Members of Information Technology's Networking group were able to identify and isolate a number of Microsoft SQL servers on campus that were contributing to the high network traffic and temporarily disconnect them from our network. To prevent further attacks, our campus firewall has been configured to block the signature traffic of this particular worm.

Over the next several days we will be closely monitoring on-campus and Internet traffic levels and performing additional configuration changes on our SQL servers to eliminate this threat.