Conversion To The New Administrative System Completed

The conversion to the new hardware that runs the MSU administrative software suite (SCT/Plus - HRS, FRS, SIS) was completed July 13, 2003.

What This Means For Students: As part of this transition, the Voice Response System (VRS/REGGIE) has been retired in favor of a purely online process. Students will now use the Web to create their PINs and perform administrative tasks such as course registration, getting grades, payment, etc. Students can access these capabilities by going to "Quick Links" on the main MSU Web page ( and chosing "Login to WESS" and then follow the instructions provided. (Note: a link to the WESS login page is also available on many other MSU Web pages including the "Courses & Catalogs" and "Students" pages off the main MSU site.) Please contact the Help Line at (973) 655-7971 if you encounter any problems with the new system.

What This Means For Faculty, Staff and Administration: All members of the MSU Community that use these software applications must now access the system through the "Galaxy" icon that was installed on your computers during the past two months. The "Saturn" icon will no longer function. Please check your email and find the allusers message distributed July 13, 2003, with the subject "Transition To New Administrative Hardware Is Complete" for important details and further instruction.