May 11: Early Childhood Autism Institute Parents' Conference

Montclair State University

College of Education and Human Services

Early Childhood Autism Institute

Conference for Parents:

“Becoming Your Child’s Primary Interventionist”

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
University Hall Conference Center


Young children spend more hours with their parents and caregivers than they spend in intervention or school.  Therefore, parents take on the role as their child’s primary interventionist.  This conference is focused on supporting parents in this role by providing first hand information from parents who have developed strategies to help their own children both at home and in the community.

Featured Presenters:

Terri Mauro is the Editor of the guide to Parenting Special Needs Children ( and the author of The Everything® Parent’s Guide to Sensory Integration Disorder and 50 Ways To Support Your Child’s Special Education. Her humorous website; Mothers with Attitude at, on which she has shared many of her special-education strategies and struggles, was named a USA Today Hot Site and a Good Housekeeping Site of the Day.  Terri serves on her school district’s special-education parent advisory committee, and has been trained to help other parents through the IEP process.  She also has more than a dozen years experience shepherding her own two children through the special-education system.

Francesca Ciotoli is the mother of two children, one of whom has autism.  She is also an educator and specializes in curriculum development.   Mrs. Ciotoli believes that parents are a child's primary and lifelong therapists and is currently working on a book of therapeutic, relationship-building activities for parents of children with autism.  Mrs. Ciotoli will be focusing on the family as the most basic form of inclusion and ways in which to incorporate the semi-structured activities and routines of school life within the home.

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This conference is made possible by a generous gift from Dr. Richard Santillo, Montclair State University alumnus ('78, '81 MA).