Montclair State Alumni Association Awards Scholarships

The Montclair State Alumni Appreciation Brunch and Alumni Association Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, June 12, in the University Hall Conference Center. Alumni Association members, scholarship recipients, their families and professors were in attendance. The MSUAA awarded scholarships to more than 30 undergraduate and graduate students for the 2010/2011 academic year.

Melissa DeFeo ’06 MSUAA vice-president and chair of the scholarship committee (Arlene Allen ’64, Amelia Teo ’05, Joe Wasiuk ’83 and Michele Wilk ’75) presented scholarships to the recipients in attendance.Two recipients shared their thoughts  with the audience. Natali Vicente, Class of 2013 said, "It is certainly an honor not only for me, but also for those who have been supporting me through the years, to be granted such a generous award. I will be committed to making the Alumni Association proud, as they will be funding a future osteopathic physician who will be a significant contributor to society."

Fellow Class of 2013 recipient Chantal Rivers, thanked the Association as well. "I have always been impressed by Montclair's Teacher Education and Certification program because it is not only committed to preparing future teachers to become highly competent in their academic disciplines and instructional skills, but also because it prepares them to respond to the needs of their students by emphasizing the importance of training them as unique," she said. "With this scholarship, I am able to continue my studies at Montclair State, knowing that I am receiving an education from one of the best teacher preparation programs in the country."

At the brunch, the MSUAA also awarded its Legacy Scholarship. In 1998, the Association created the Legacy Scholarship in order to encourage high school seniors whose parent or grandparent is a Montclair State graduate to apply to MSU as they look to higher education opportunities in New Jersey. This year’s Legacy Scholarship recipient is Michael A. Riecker, the son of Michael Riecker ’95 and his wife, Diane. He is graduating from Nutley High School and will begin pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice Studies at MSU in the fall.